Hedgecode Snooker Score API

Hedgecode Snooker Score is an API library for portal snooker.org, which contains the results of snooker competitions and other snooker information. The library provides a set of entity objects that can be used in client applications (to inform about the results of snooker) developed in Java.

All useful information is downloaded via the HTTP protocol from the portal snooker.org, so for the functioning of applications that use this library Internet access is required.

The current version of the library: 0.2

Note: All versions of the library up to version 1.0 can not be considered completely stable.


General instructions on how to use this library can be found on the usage page.

Description of the main methods of the library is in the section FAQ.

Some more specific use cases are described in the examples given below.


To better understand the described library you can refer to the following examples:


Portal Snooker.org

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